Between a Rock – OSRS (Old School RuneScape)

Between a Rock Quest Guide of OSRS


A Quick Guide of Between a Rock OSRS

his between a rock is a quest where the player has to help an old man who is trying to find the mine. The people of Keldagrim work in mines for many years and earn their livelihood. One of the miners, Dondakan, is trying to access a gold mine but fails every time. Now, if you want to complete this quest, you must help him in finding the gold mine.


Speak to Dondakan who is working in a mine that is on the northwest side.

Enter the cave through the northeast of Rellekka. Then enter another entrance where two statues are placed to reach a small rock place.

Talk to the Ferryman and ask him to take you to the other side of the river. He will cost you 2 coins, but if you have a ring of charos, he will make you free.

After reaching the other side, you have to cross the two bridges, one on the east side and the other on the north side.

Talk to Dondakan and ask him what he wants and agree to help him in breaking the solid rock and find out what is inside the rock.

Go back to the Ferryman, and he will take you back with him. Walk towards the boatman and talk to him and ask him to take you to keldagrim.

Here you will find another bridge, cross it and talk to the librarian about that rock which Dondakan is trying to break.

He will suggest you visit an engineer at wemund’s wrench warehouse.

The engineer will be in a temple, ask him about the rock. He will suggest you talk with Rolad located at the ice mountain.

Travel towards the ice mountain to visit Rolad. He will ask you to find three pages of a book which you will find in the mountains. Now he will also tell you about that solid rock.

When you will find all the three pages bring them back to Rolad and give it to him. He will attach them to a book and ask you to hand over this book to Dwarven Lore.

He will ask you to not read the book, but you will read the book to know about the quest.

Return back to Dondakan and tell him about the book which you have read. He will ask you to arrange a hard material harder than rune and granite.

Show him a gold bar, and he will suggest you make a ball of this gold.

Make a gold ball of this bar and give it to Dondakan; he will throw it towards the mine. It will absorb the rock. The old man will ask you to throw you towards the rock, and you agree to throw towards the rock.

He tells you to modify different schematics of multi cannons and make a gold helmet with it.

When you modify all the schematics, a window will open for you. Here you must rotate all the pieces into the correct position.

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It’s time to make a gold helmet, and after it, Dondakan will throw you into the rock.

Make a helmet with the help of a gold bar.

Now prepare yourself for the battle that you will fight with the enemies.

You are all ready to go to the rock. Ask the old man to throw you toward the mine.

Now you are inside the mine, and you need to mine at least 6 gold ores or a maximum of 15 ores. These gold ores will help you in fighting with the spirits you are going to face here.

Go toward the centre of the cave, and you will find some flames here, talk to them, and you will be attacked by a spirit.

Fight the spirits with gold ores, and you will defeat them.

Once the spirits have been defeated talk to Dondakan.

Your quest is complete.

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  • 2 quest points
  • 5000 defence XP
  • 5000 mining XP
  • 5000 smithing XP
  • Rune pickaxe
  • Access to arzinian mine
  • 2 treasure hunting keys


These are some steps to complete this quest. If you use them, you will win the quest easily. You just need to focus on your goal and use your brain and weapons to complete the quest. This is one of the simplest quests of Old School RuneScape.

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