Boots Of Brimstone – OSRS (Old School RuneScape)

Piece Of Slayer Equipment


Complete Guide of Boots of Brimstone in OSRS:

Boots of Brimstone in OSRS are equipment that you will get from slayer monsters. All slayer monsters have their slayer equipment shops where you can get all these kinds of products. A boot of brimstone is also available in their store that’s why you have to get this pair from monsters.

If you want these shoes, you must have experience of slayer 44 levels. A level 70 in defence, ranged, and magic is also required if you want to wear these boots. A slayer skill allows the player to kill the monster, and this pair is also obtained from them; that’s why it is necessary to complete these levels.

You can also create these boots of brimstone by using two materials. First of all, you need Drake’s claw which is obtained from Drakes, and secondly, stone boots. Combine them in one form and your boots of brimstone are ready to wear.

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These shoes can protect the player from a boiling surface in the Karulum Slayer Dungeon. It is a place of monsters which is extremely hot, that’s why the players need it.

You can also make a combo of these shoes with Silly Jester Boots, Pegasian Boots, and Infinity Boots. It has the highest rank in the footwear slot for the stab attack bonus and the second-highest magic defence.

The other three boots that I have mentioned do not have any kind of speciality like brimstone have. These are a perfect choice for some activities that you will perform in Zulrah.

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These boots have no negative bonus, but they are the perfect shoes in magic and ranged attacks. You can get it from the stores of monsters as well as you can also manufacture them. Make sure to use them in those areas which are extremely hot because they are specially made to wear in that specific area.

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