Collecting Wine of Zamorak in OSRS

How can you find the wine of Zamorak Complete Guide


Wine of zamorak – OSRS Old School RuneScape

Wine of Zamorak is a secondary ingredient used in the creation of different potions. It can not be used for any special purpose, but you need it to make something new. So, you will make a “Ranging Potion” and “Bastion Potion” with it.

Ranging Potion:

A potion that is made by using wine of Zamorak and dwarf weed potion. It provides the player with an instant boost in its skills.

Bation Potion:

A potion that increases the ranging and defence skills of the player.

How can you find the wine of Zamorak?

I’m going to give you three options that will help you in finding the wine. Read it carefully, act upon it, and you will get what you are looking for.

  • You can get it in the main city of the Old School RuneScape Asgarnia. There are two temples in this city where you can find the wine of Zamorak. In this temple, there are two floors where you will find it.
  • There is another option for you that will help you in finding the wine of Zamorak. In a deep and dangerous wasteland, you will get the wine to make some new potions with it. If you want to use this option and go toward the wasteland, you have to complete a quest first. A hard wilderness diary is a level that will make you able to obtain the wine of Zamorak.
  • One of the best and easy options is by making it yourself. You have to get some Zamorak grapes by harvesting in a hosidius vinery and a jug of water. You have to grant 200 cooking points and must have some cooking experience then you will be able to make it by yourself.

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As you know, this wine is a secondary ingredient in the game and used to make different potions. You can also make “Bloody Bracers” with it. All of these kinds of information and recipes you will get in a holy book “Bloody Grimoire”.

This holy book will tell you that although the wine is unholy and you can not drink it, its taste is sweet. You can use it as a secondary ingredient and will be holy after using it in different potions.

Bloody Bracer:

It is a kind of ale that is made by using the wine of Zamorak with other ingredients. This drink will help the player to heal 2 hit points, and these points will increase your health instantly.

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The Wine of Zamorak is not used to kill the monsters or increase your defence level. It is used to make and create different potions that will help you in your game. So, you have to get the wine to complete different levels with it. Three main options are also discussed that will guide and help you to obtain the wine.

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