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Old School RuneScape has become an essential part of the player’s life. Every player wants to earn more points, weapons, and other equipment to win the race. You are here to learn about a dangerous monster that is the most powerful creature of OSRS.

In this “OSRS Demonic Gorilla Guide,” you will find a lot of data that you are looking for. We are here to serve you and guide you to fight with Gorilla easily. Read this article from start to end because it will be beneficial for you.

Demonic Gorilla Guide

Requirements to Fight with Demonic Gorilla:

  • Complete Monkey Madness II
  • Go back to Crash Site Cavern
  • 75 range
  • 75 attack
  • High strength level

Demonic gorilla is the most dangerous and powerful creature of a quest named “Monkey Madness II.” You have fought with him in this quest, but you will find more demonic gorillas in the “Crash Site Cavern” after completing it to get many coins.

Demonic Gorilla:


Demonic Gorilla:
Source: OSRS

Monkey Madness II” is a quest you have to complete to unlock the next levels. After completing this quest, you will get many “Experience Points” to help you in the following levels. So, you have to complete it to fight with these gorillas.

You can see the area of this quest in the picture below.

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Quest Area:

Monkey Madness II
Source: OSRS

Crash Site Cavern” is the gorillas’ house where they live with their other brothers named “Tortured.” This cave is also part of monkey madness, and you will find that all the monsters are resting there.

In this picture, you will see that so many monsters live in a place.

Crash Site Cavern:

Crash Site Cavern
Source: OSRS
Note: Complete the quest and then carefully enter the cave because there are a lot of gorillas.

If you have entered the cave, you will notice that there are two kinds of monsters.

  • Demonic Gorillas
  • Tortured Gorillas

They are part of monkey madness and fight against you. Although both of these monkeys are the same, there is a little bit of difference between them.

Tortured Gorillas” can not use protection prayer like demonic. The one priority is that they can change their attack style after four misses. The Demonic can change its attack style after three misses.

Tortured Gorilla:

Tortured Gorilla
Source: OSRS

Demonic Gorillas are capable of using three different attacks against their enemy, and that attacks are mentioned below:

  • Melee attack
  • Range attack
  • Magic defense

The monster has three chances to use his attacks on a player. If he misses his opportunity, he has to change his attack against you. He is also capable of using “Protection Prayer” to save himself from your attack. So, you have to carefully fight with him because these Gorillas are the strongest creatures.

Note: The player must have two different styles that can kill them.

The player has to use two styles to fight and win against gorillas.

  • Melee attack
  • Ranged attack

You can not use magic defense because they have the strongest protection against magic. You have to strongly fight with them with these attack styles; otherwise, they will kill you.

Note: Demonic Gorillas has a special attack that is “Rock Crashing Down.” The cave is full of rocks, and they will throw a big rock to kill you. It can not kill you, but you will get 33% health damage.

If you want to find them in the cave and do not know about their spot, do not worry, I’m going to solve your problem. They mostly live in “Multi Combat Area” because, at this point, they all can attack you at once. It is more dangerous because if all of them attack you, then you will die while fighting.

They also live in the “Single Combat Area,” and the main thing about this area is that they can not attack you collectively.

Note: Two crossed swords identify the Multi-Combat area, and the rest of the world is under single combat. If you find a sword sign anywhere, be careful because you can face any kind of danger there.

Multi-Combat Area Sign:

According to the players, these Demonic Gorillas are “Monkeys,” and some said they are “Black Demons.” As the name indicates that they are demons, and they are under the effect of “Demonbane Weapons.” These weapons are of four kinds that a player can use to kill these demons.

  • Silver light
  • Dark light
  • Arclight
  • Holy water

If you use these weapons, you can kill them quickly. The most and only effective one is “Holy Water” against demons.

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Holy Water:

Holy Water
Source: OSRS

If anyone suggests using “Dwarf Multicannon” against these demons, do not take their suggestion. You can kill them by using this cannon because it is not under any player’s control; it is placed on the ground.

Dwarf Multicannon:

Dwarf Multicannon
Source: OSRS

Money Making:

If you are thinking about what you will get at the end of the fight, then you must collect “Zenyte Shard” and “Ballista.” These are the two most important components dropped by monsters. If you collect one Shard, you can trade it for 13 million coins, which is a considerable amount. Although gorillas rarely drop this comment, gorillas rarely drop this comment if they drop it, you have to pick it for money-making.

Zenyte Shard:

Zenyte Shard
Source: OSRS


Source: OSRS

You will find a lot of other components there that you can trade with anyone to get money. Count the money after every drop, and in the end, you will have a lot of million coins because the fight will not end soon.


This Demonic Gorilla guide is all about the monster that you will face in monkey madness II. Our OSRS guide will help to identify the most useful weapons and tricks to keep yourself safe. However, it is challenging to kill them because their power is, and defense skill is strong. So, fight with them carefully and wisely; otherwise, you will lose your life.

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Frequently Asked Question:

  • Do demonic gorillas count as greater demons?

Some players verified them as “Demons,” but they are not demons. First of all, “Demonic Gorillas” can use three types of attacks against players. Secondly, they also have some special attack abilities. On the other hand, the Demons are not so strong as compared to Gorillas.

  • How do you get Zenyte shards – Osrs?

Zenyte Shards are rare components dropped by Gorillas in “Monkey Madness II.” These monsters live in “Crash Site Cavern,” where they will fight with you, and you will collect these shards. Zenyte shards are rare; that’s why you can trade them in exchange for millions of coins.

  • Why is it difficult to kill Demonic Gorillas?

The “Demonic Gorillas” are powerful creatures of “Monkey Madness II.” They use various kinds of attacking power to keep themselves safe from any danger. Secondly, they have superior attack power to kill their enemy, like “Rock Crashing Down.”


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