Complete OSRS Fighter Torso Guide For Beginners


Fighter Torso Guide OSRS

Do you want to know what this torso is? Where can you use it? What are the advantages? You have to wait a little more. Use your thumb and scroll down your screen to get the answer to all the questions. Let’s start learning about this fantastic item, Fighter Torso in Old School RuneScape.

What is Fighter Torso?

The fighter torso is an armor used by the player in different quests of OSRS. There are no special requirements to wear it but one. This armor requires 40 defense levels to wear.

Fighter Torso Guide

You can win it from a game or buy it from someone. All the details of the buying process or winning are mentioned below:

Win the Fighter Torso

Have you played any minigame in OSRS? If yes, then you must have some unreal experience of winning various weapons and skills. This fighter torso is also a reward for the players at the end of the “Barbarian Assault” minigame.

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It is a combat minigame, and the player with the other four partners has to play it. You have to kill the Penance Queen and her companions and win the armor.

Barbarian Assault:

Barbarian Assault

Buying the Fighter Torso:

Don’t you want to play the game? You can buy it if you have no mood to play another minigame. Of course, you need some money and points to buy it. Do you have some honor points?

Don’t say that you have no idea about this currency. Why are you a worried dear player? I’m going to tell you about the buying process and the honor points.

The honor point is known as the currency of the Barbarians. If you have played some barbarian quests or Barbarian Assault, then you must know about them.

If you have 375 honor points, go and buy it from Commander Connad. He owns a reward shop in Barbarian Outpost.

Commander Connad:

Commander Connad

Return Option:

You have another option if you don’t want to use or wear this torso. Return it to the commander and take 300 honor points back. Don’t you think, so it’s not a good deal? So, keep it in your inventory and use it in another place. This is just an option for you, but not necessary to sell it back.

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Advantages of Fighter Torso:

This armor is the best and perfect choice for the players as compared to other armor. Some of the main and important advantages are mentioned below:

  • Used for general melee training
  • Less weighted than others
  • Highly effective for splashing
  • A perfect pick to avoid completing Dragon Slayer I
  • Require no quests to equip it


The fighter torso is the perfect choice for playing different quests because of its less weight and great advantages. This armor helps you to avoid attacks and damages from enemies. One of the main things is that “it is more helpful in the quests where you can’t choose many weapons but fight with enemies. If you pick the torso, you will get fewer damages and win the game easily.



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