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Waterfall Quest OSRS Guide in 2020


OSRS Waterfall Quest Complete Guide


Do you know someone has killed the eleven leaders of old? You need to search for who has killed him. The exciting thing is you can get the mysterious treasure of Elf king Baxtorian at the investigation portion. Are you ready to get the biggest reward of the Old School Runescape? Okay, so let’s start playing Waterfall Quest and solve the mysterious death of eleven leaders of old.

Waterfall Quest Guide


  • Ability to fight and win against these monsters
  • Level 86 fire giants. fire giants
  • Level 84 moss guardians

moss guardians

Required Items:

  • Six air runes
  • Six earth runes
  • Six waterfall runes
  • One rope

Recommended Items:

  • Food
  • Games necklace
  • Skills necklace
  • Ardougne cloak

Starting Point:

To start the quest, you need to talk to Almera because her son will find the treasure.

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Start the Quest:

These ten steps will provide you with all the information about the quest and help you complete it fastly.

  • Step One:

Talk to Almera at the Baxtorian falls and ask her if you want to help her son in this journey to find treasure. She asks you to bring her son back. Now, take the raft and move towards Hudon (Almera’s son).



Baxtorian Fall:

Baxtorian Fall

  • Step Two:

Move towards the waterfall and talk to Hudon to go back. He rejects your offer and declares you a thief, and you will steal his treasure.



  • Step Three:

An island is waiting for you with a rock and a dead tree. Throw your rope on the tree and climb down the waterfall. There is a barrel outside the house; you have to get in it.

  • Step Four:

It’s time to enter the house. You will meet Hadley here, talk to him and he will suggest you visit the library. Go upstairs and take a book named “Book on Baxtorian.” Read and search for the quest.



Book on Baxtorian:

Book on Baxtorian

  • Step Five:

Now enter the Tree Gnome Village. On the east side of the dungeon, you have to find the key in off-colored crates. After finding the key, open the door and talk to Golrie, and he will give you a Glarial’s Pebble.

Gnome Village:

Gnome Village



Glarial’s Pebble:

Glarial’s Pebble

  • Step Six:

Move towards the bank and keep all your weapons and armours there. If you have anything from these items in your possession, you will not enter the tomb. After depositing all the things, head back to Hadley and use the Glarial’s pebble on the book.

  • Step Seven:

You are allowed to enter the tomb. Now you have to find the Glarial’s amulet and Glarial’s urn. First of all, search for the chest, and you see the amulet. After it, move toward the southern side, and you will get the urn.

Glarial’s Amulet:

Glarial’s Amulet

Glarial’s urn:

Glarial’s urn

  • Step Seven:

Leave the tomb and run towards the bank. Enter the back and ask for some items that you need to complete the quest.

  • Rope
  • Water rune
  • Air rune
  • Earth rune
  • Food
  • Step Eight:

Reach the starting point again and move towards the small island. Again use the raft and rope to reach the island. Now, use the Glarial’s amulet to enter the doorway, and you will find three passages.

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  • Step Nine:

On the eastern side, you will find some odd colored crates to search for the keys. Pick up the key and enter the temple by opening the door with the help of the key.

  • Step Ten:

Enter the temple, and there are two statues and six fire pillars. You have to use each rune at each pillar. For example, put on the air, water, and earth rune on every pillar and finish the runes. Place the Glarial’s amulet on the statue, and the ground will rise to the chalice. Step towards the Glarial’s urn and use it with the chalice.

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Your quest Waterfall Quest has been completed.


  • One quest point
  • 13750 strength experience
  • 13750 attack experience
  • two diamonds
  • Tow gold bars
  • 40 mithril seeds

Waterfall Quest reward

You May Also Ask:

What does the Waterfall quest give you?

The quest will give you a massive reward because you are going to find the treasure. In the end, you will get this reward:

  • One quest point
  • 13750 strength experience
  • 13750 attack experience
  • two diamonds
  • Two gold bars
  • 40 mithril seeds

How long does the Waterfall quest take?

If you read the guide of this quest, you can complete it within 30 minutes. If you have not read any guide, you will face difficulty, and you have to spend one hour to complete it. Some secondary facts are also crucial because you can fastly cover the distance if you have a teleport necklace.


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