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Crystal Weapon Seed Guide Of OSRS

A crystal weapon seed is a kind of crystal that can be converted into crystal weapons. This is an elven crystal used by elven and only they can convert them into weapons. This part is all about how you will get the crystal and how you can change it into different weapons.

The player will be awarded a crystal seed after completing the “Roving Elves” quest and “the Gauntlet”. You can also buy them from a shop that has all the weapons and equipment needed in your quests. You will get this crystal seed from a store by exchanging 12 “Last man standing” points.

The player will get crystal seeds and it is necessary to change them into equipment. A girl “Ifleen” is the only one who can change them into weapons. You have to find her and then ask her to convert your seeds and she will charge you for completing the task.

Now, it is your task to find her, she is teleporting between two cleanings in Isafdar. If you have completed the song of the Elves quest then you can easily find her in Prifddinas.

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You have two options in which shape you want to change the crystal seeds.

  • Crystal Bow
  • Crystal Shield

You have another option too if you have completed “Hard Western Provinces Diary” you can change them into “Crystal Halberd” at the price of a shield. You can also convert the crystal seeds into crystal shards and then trade them with others.

When you convert the seeds into Bow or Shield, you can not trade them. Only crystal shards can be traded.

Although the cost of Ifleen is very high after four times she will decrease the cost. She will charge you 900,000 for changing the seeds into crystal bow and then after four times, the amount will reduce to 180,000 coins.

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If you want to change them into shield the first amount will be 750,000 and after four turns it will reduce to 150,000 coins.

Crystal Bow Shield Trade Details
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If you complete “Roving Elves” and “The Gauntlet” first then you will get the crystals free. If you want them now then buy it from a store by giving them your points. Secondly, again you have to pay a great amount to change them into weapons. All of the major and minor details that you are looking for are described above. I hope this Crystal Weapon Seed guide will help you to move forward in your OSRS game.

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