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Complete Guide Of Ernest The Chicken

You have unlocked Ernest, the Chicken, and now you want to know its guide, right? You are at the Right Place, and I will give you the reason why I said it right place. Whenever you unlock a New Level, you do not know anything about it. You want someone who can tell you each and everything about your queries. I have collected all the data and then bring it to you. So, don’t forget to tell me about your experience.


Draynor Manor is a large and haunted mansion that is located at Draynor Village. A couple is wandering in the village and forget their direction. The boy enters the mansion to ask about the direction, but he did not return after one hour. The girl is worried about him. She needs your help to find her partner. Go and help her in the end; you will get your reward.

draynor manor osrs
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Starting Point:

You will meet Veronica at the gate of Draynor Manor.

Veronica osrs
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Length of the Quest:

The length is Short, which means you will complete it fastly.


You must have the ability to fight with Skeletons and defend yourself.

skeletons osrs
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Items Required:


  • Spade

Spade osrs
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  • Fish food

Fish food osrs
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  • Poison

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  • Draynor Manor Teleport


I will describe each and everything in steps for your ease. My main focus is to provide you every detail that is necessary for you.

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  • Step one:

You will see a lady standing outside the gate of the manor. Ask her the reason why she is standing there? She will tell you about her fiance Ernest who has not come out yet after one hour. Tell her that you will help her.

  • Step Two:

Enter the mansion, and you will find Professor Oddenstein at the top of the house. Ask him about Ernest. He will tell you that he has changed him into a chicken. Now, his machine is broken, and he can not turn him into a man again. If you bring three items for him, then he can change him again into a man.

  • Oil can
  • Rubber tube
  • Pressure gauge
ernest the chicken
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  • Step Three:

Enter the library, and you will find a bookshelf there. You will see a secret lever, pull it, and a secret room will appear for you. A ladder is attached to the wall and climbs down in the room to the basement.

  • Step Four:

Now, carefully understand this step because this is a formula that will help you get the recommended items.

  • Pull the lever A and B down.
  • Enter into the first door.
  • Pull the lever D down.
  • Enter into the door one again.
  • Pull the lever A and B up.
  • Enter in the third, fourth, and fifth doors.
  • Pull the lever E and F down.
  • Enter into the sixth and seventh door.
  • Pull the lever C down.
  • Enter into the six and seven.
  • Pull the lever E up.
  • Enter into the six, eight, three, and nine.
  • Pick up the oil can.

  • Step Five:

Move toward the second floor and enter the room located on the south side. Pick the fish food from there and go back downstairs. Move towards the west room, and you will find poison there. Pick it up and go to the ground floor, and you will find the spade here.

  • Step Six:

Pick up all the things and walk towards the manor. You will see a fountain on the way. Now, use the poison on fish food and throw it into the fountain. You will get the pressure gauge at this place.

  • Step Seven:

Walk with the fence to reach the Draynor Manor. You will find a Compost Heap in the way. Dig it with the help you spade, and you will find a key. Pick up the key and go back to the house where you will get the rubber tube. Open the door, and a Skeleton will welcome you but do not worry, ignore him. Pick up the tube and leave the room.

  • Step Eight:

The last and the easiest step as always. Give all the items to the professor, and he will make the machine. After this process, he will change the chicken into a man again. Now, you will get your reward.

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Your quest Ernest the Chicken Quest has been completed.


  • Four quest points
  • 300 coins


Isn’t it helpful for you? I know the answer is yes because everything is described briefly. Now, go and help Veronica and Ernest. Play the quest and help the professor collect all the things to change Ernest into a man. Play Ernest the Chicken; otherwise, he will be a chicken always.

In the end, don’t forget to tell me how the game after reading this guide was? I guarantee it will be easy and you can complete it quickly.

Related Questions:

How do you complete Ernest, the chicken?

 It is very easy to complete this quest because you have to find three items and give them to the professor. He will repair his machine and change Ernest into a man again. I find and collect the three items from different places, and my quest has been completed.

How do you get the rubber tube in Ernest, the chicken?

While walking with the fence, you will see a compost heap there. Dig it with the help of your spade, and you will find a key. Go back to the roo, open the room, and a Skeleton will welcome you there. Do not worry, ignore him, and you will see the rubber tube there. Pick it up and leave the room but do not forget to lock it again.

Where is the oil can in Runescape?

The oil can is in the basement of the Draynor Manor beside a secret door. You have to find the secret bookshelf and a lever. Pull the lever, and a secret room will open for you. Climb down the ladder and pick up the oil can from the basement.

How do you get a pressure gauge in Runescape?

The pressure gauge is located in the fountain outside the Draynor manor. You have to use poisoned food to kill the Piranha. After killing them, you can pick it from the fountain. In this way, you can get a pressure gauge from it.


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