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Complete Guide Of GOT OSRS


Quick Guide of Garden Of Tranquility Quest OSRS

Garden of tranquility is a new level of OSRS, and here  I’m going to guide you for your ease. In this part, the queen Ellamaria wants to build a beautiful garden to surprise her husband. She is looking for an expert gardener who can grow his plants and flowers so she can surprise her husband.

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From this point, your game starts!

  • Ask the queen to hire you for her garden; she will hire you. You will get a list of things that you need to complete the garden.
  • Go to the village and talk to a wise man who is wise and old as well. He will tell you the story of the queen and what she had done before marriage. After this, he will ask you about the story of charos. Give that to the old man, and here he will ask you 7 questions. Answer them wisely.
  • First of all, talk to Elstan and ask him for Delphinium seeds. In exchange, he will demand some marigolds. Sew them in the flower patch when they grow, give them to Elstan and pick up the Delphinium seeds.
  • Secondly, talk to Lyra and ask her about the Orchid seeds. She is going to ask you to grow an onion patch. After completing this process pluck them up and give them to Lyra. She will give you the seeds you want.
  • Thirdly, Kragen will ask you to grow the cabbage, and then he will give you that seed you want.
  • Head to the Bernald, he will say that his grapes are not ripping. Use a plant cure on them, but this trick will not work on them. Ask him again to help you, he will suggest you visit another gardener.
  • After all, go to the Alain south and ask him for help. He will suggest you crush some rune essence and put them on grapes.
  • Pick up the rune essence, grind it with the help of pestle and mortar and collect the dust essence. Now, put this rune essence in the grape garden.
  • Now, go and talk to Dantaera, she will inform you about a tree that is white and will die soon. You need a piece of this tree to plant it in a plant pot.
  • It’s time to go to the ice mountain where the dying white tree is. Use your secateurs weapon and get a piece of it. Plant it in the plant pot and water the shoot.
  • Talk to Edgeville Monastery and ask him for the seed of red roses. He will refuse you because you have a ring of charos. Throw it into the well and come back to the red roses. Now, he will allow you to pick up the seeds. There will be 3 bushes picking the seeds from all of them.
  • Ask Edgeville a fishing rod and go to the well and try to get your ring back from the well. It is the most important ring to complete this level of OSRS.
  • Now, return to the queen’s garden. There will be different patches to plant all of the seeds you get from different people.

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 For this purpose, you need some instruments:

  • Rake
  • Seed dibber
  • Spade
  • 2 buckets of compost
  • Acquired seeds
  • A white tree sapling
  • After planting all the seeds, talk to the queen and ask her how to bring that white statue into the garden. She will give you a trolly.
  • Put that statue in the trolley, and a cutscene will occur here. After it, you will reach the back of the castle to push your trolley towards the garden. Place the statue on the southern stand.
  • Talk to the queen and ask her that the garden is fully grown. At this point, she will appoint you to call the king.
  • Here, you need the ring of charos to call the king into the garden. If you do not have the ring, he will follow you.

Now, your garden is complete, and you have completed the level garden of tranquility.


  • 2 quest points
  • 5000 farming XP
  • 1 apple tree seed
  • 1 acorn
  • 5 Guam seeds
  • Super compost potion


This is the simplest and quick guide to a garden of tranquility. All the important aspects are mentioned here; you will not need any other guide when you will go through it

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