Getting Boots Of Lightness – OSRS (Old School RuneScape)

How To Get Boots Of Lightness OSRS


Boots Of Lightness OSRS Guide:

Boots of lightness are a kind of weapon which can reduce the weight up to 4.5 kgs. If you want to get these boots, then you must go downstairs to the cellar of the temple of Ikov. In the basement, you will get these boots of lightness.

It is not necessary to start the Temple of Ikov quest to get these boots. Before going to the cellar, you just need a source of light and a sharp knife then you will get it easily. The cellar is located on the west side of the dungeon’s entrance ladder.

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You have only 52 seconds to get these lightness boots, and you can get as many pairs as you want. You can hop between the worlds if you want to get more pairs of boots.

If you lose these boots of lightness, you have a chance to get that again. There are two ways mentioned how you can get it back:

  • You have to again go back to the temple of Ikov to gain these boots.
  • You have to purchase it from Perdu, a merchant. He will provide you with every lost item you are looking for, but his price is high. He will sell the boots of lightness in 9800 coins.

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This is not a quest but a part of the game where the player will get a chance to gain the boots to decrease his weight. You have to take care of this pair because if you lose it, you have to purchase these boots in 9800 coins. Otherwise again, go back to the temple and get a pair free. This is all about the boots of light that a player needs to know. I hope this guide will help you to gain as many pairs as you can pick in 52 seconds.

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