Ultimate Guide Of Bones To Peaches OSRS

Change The Bones Into Peaches


Complete Guide of Change The Bones Into Peaches:

Bones to peaches is a spell that is used in Old School RuneScape to change the bones into peaches. After eating these peaches, the player will heal 8 points to gain their life. It will only work for getting your hitpoints. These hitpoints are the special points that increase the life of players. If the player loses hit points, he will die immediately. So, it is necessary to use these bones of peaches carefully.

A monster with the name Bloodveld that uses its tongue to kill its victim will fight with you. When you need to fight this monster, do not forget to use these peaches. In the end, bloodveld will also drop a lot of bones after fighting.

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You need to unlock this spell by playing the Mage training Arena mini-game. You can also purchase this spell by giving your points in this Arena. These points will help you to get the bones of peaches.

  • Telekenetics: 200 points
  • Alchemist: 300 points
  • Enchantment: 2,000 points
  • Graveyard: 200 points

There are some restrictions for using these bones because if you lose them or finish them, you may lose your hitpoints. You can use it in a place where the food bank is far away, and you are hungry, and food is needed. Secondly, you can use this spell where a lot of bones will be available because you can get new bones there.

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This little guide is giving you some tips that will help you in using the bones of peaches in Old School RuneScape. Use them carefully to regain your hit points; otherwise, you will die. You can use this spell against monsters to kill them and get less damage.

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