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Dragon Hunter Lance Weapon OSRS Guide:

A dragon hunter lance is a one-handed weapon that is the strongest among all the weapons. This weapon is more effective against draconic monsters because they can not defeat you when you fight with this weapon. It is made up of a hydra claw which is dropped by an alchemical hydra on a Zamorakian hasta. The player will use it as a weapon in different levels or quests.

If you want to equip a dragon hunter, you must clear level 70 attack, a complete fire-making quest, a fishing quest, and a smithing section. Some other sub-levels are also included in it because this weapon is strong and can quickly kill most of the monsters. So, you have to complete some important levels to achieve this hunter.

This dragon hunter lance increases the power of the player by 20% for fighting with monsters and other draconic creatures. When you use it on monsters or other creatures, the hunter will defeat them quickly because of its powers. This dragonbane weapon is stronger than these draconic creatures.

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Although when you start fighting with Zamorak, the hunter will lose most of its powers in front of him. It will lose its defensive power, prayer bonus, and some of its strength bonus as compared to the Zamorak monster.

One of the main reasons is the hunter made up of a monster’s hasta and alchemical’s claw then how it can stay in front of him? That’s why this dragon hunter lance can be a perfect weapon for many dragons but can not fight with the greatest dragons.

When the player tries to make this dragon hunter, a warning will appear on the chatbox that this process can not proceed. A confirmation notification will appear to ask you if you want to complete this action to complete this combination. After confirming a new notification will appear that:

You successfully combine the Hydra Claw and the Zamorakian Hasta to create the Dragon Hunter Lance”.

The creatures which are weak in front of this weapon are mentioned below:

  • Dragons
  • Drakes
  • Hydra
  • Great Olm
  • Wyverns
  • Wyrms

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This dragon hunter lance is all about how to create it and what you can do with it. A noticeable and main thing is, this hunter can not fight with the great monster easily, but it can kill most of the other monsters easily and quickly. So, when you use it to fight with Zamorak, use your weapon as well as magic tricks to defeat him.

 Guide Of Dragon Hunter Lance

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