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Magic Weapon of - OSRS (Old School RuneScape)


Staff Of The Dead – OSRS (Old School RuneScape)

The staff of dead is a magic weapon that possesses the melee and magic attack bonuses that require 75 magic and 75 attacks to perform. This magic weapon is dropped by K’ril Tsutsaroth, boss of the zamorak fortress which is an army of dragons. This stick is known as zamorakian staff among the dragons and Bandit camp people.

This magic stick will boost up the magic damage of the player by 15%. When you will fight with this stick and cast a spell on the monsters, there are many chances that they will lose their lives. It will help you in performing different kinds of magic and casting spells.

Some of the weapons in Old School RuneScape contain a special attack, and this staff of the dead also contains a special attack.  The “power of death” is the special attack on the staff that will halve all the damages from the opponent to the player.

When you activate this attack, a message will appear on the chatbox that:

“Spirits of deceased evildoers offer you their protection”

After using the special attack, the player must equip the staff then the effects will last one minute, but if you unequip the staff, the effect will be lost immediately.

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If a player has completed the level 39 crafting, then you can upgrade the staff of dead. By using a chisel which is a tool to craft something attach a magic fang to the staff and your upgraded staff is ready to use it. After attaching the magic fang, the staff of the dead will become “toxic staff of the dead” there are more chances that you will get more power to fight with NPC.

The new staff will increase the magic attack bonus by +8, and it will also help to fight with the venom poison. Venom is a poison that the players and monsters will suffer. When your bonus increases the chances of venom will affect your decrease.

Secondly, the player can use another tool to again upgrade the staff of the dead. You can use a Saradomin’s light on the staff to create a staff of light. Saradomin’s light is obtained by killing commander Zilyana and appointed leader of Saradomin’s forces. This staff of light will inherit the effects of the staff of the dead.

Both of these processes are reversible.

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This staff of the dead in OSRS is all about a stick which is obtained from a monster, and it will help you in new quests. Whenever you fight with it, there are many chances that you will win without getting any damages. On the other hand, you can change the shape of the staff by crafting and adding something else to it. So, this staff is the best weapon in Old School RuneScape to use against monsters.

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