Mimic Boss Fight – OSRS (Old School RuneScape)

Complete Quest Guide of Mimic Boss Fight


Mimic Boss Fight OSRS Quick Guide

The mimic is a boss of the monsters that will turn out after completing an elite or master clue scroll.  When you present a mimic casket to the strange casket upstairs in Watson’s house, then you will enable it to fight with the mimic.

In this level, the player needs to kill the mimic to gain the reward and next level. You have to fight with him safely; otherwise, you will lose your life and lose the quest completely. So, play this quest with the help of magic and brain properly.

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Strategies of Mimic:

The mimic boss will 3 different attacks to kill you, and here you will find all its strategies.


  • Melee attack:

If you are standing beside the monster, he will simply use a melee attack to kill you.


  • Candy attack:

At this point, mimic has an option to throw different kinds of candies at you. Three candies are made up of purple colour, the other three are made up of one red, one blue, and one green candy. Whenever the monster throws a candy, a giant monster will appear in front of you.

If you fail to save yourself from this attack, you will get 10 damages. First of all, he will throw red, blue, and green candy, and third age warrior (monster), third age made (monster), and third age ranger (monster) will appear respectively.

No need to kill them because they will disappear when the mimic throws a new candy. There is no benefit to killing them as they will not harm you.


  • Stomp attack:

In this attack, the mimic will step forward to kill you, but you have to step away from it to save your life. Before stepping away, you will stand under him, and he will try to kill you, but you will receive 6 damages. After these damages, you will step away from the monster. Your damages will heal up with every counter second.

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Strategies of the Player:

It’s time to use your weapons and skills to kill the giant monster mimic.

  • Ranged attack:

You can easily kill him with a ranged attack with a toxic blowpipe because he is unable to bear it.

  • Magic:

The mimic is weak at the magic that’s why it’s a good chance to use a magic trick to defeat him. An ice spell can freeze him, that’s why it is recommended to defeat him with a magic trick.

  • Optimal Weapon:

If you want to kill him quickly you can use a trident class weapon to kill him.


These are some tips and tricks that mimic boss will use to kill you. Some easy tips are for you that will defeat the monster within seconds. So, no need to get damages just use these attacks and you will win the game easily and quickly.

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