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Plague City OSRS


The main city Ardougne of Old School RuneScape, is suffering from Plague. People are dying because of the disease, and a young girl is helping there to save their life. Her name is Elana, and she is treating people, but now she is missing. Nobody knows about her missing.

Plague City:

Plague City


A young girl is missing, and her parents are worried about her. You have to help her parents and find the girl where she is and who has kidnapped her.

Required Items:

  • Dwellberries
  • Picture of the girl
  • Rope
  • Spade
  • Four buckets of water
  • Chocolate dust
  • Snape grass

Starting Point:

Talk to Edmond (father of Elena) and ask him about her daughter. He is worried and tells you everything about her daughter. Tell him that you will help him to find Elena.



Start the Quest:

Follow these simple steps and find Elena easily and quickly. Following steps will not only guide you to Elena but also saves you from damages.

  • Step One:

Talk to Edmond, who is worried because of his daughter he will tell you about her. Talk to his wife Alrena and tell her that you will help them. She will suggest you wear a mask before going to Ardougne. She will charge you dwellberries in exchange for the mask. Take a picture of Elena and move towards the plague city.





  • Step Two:

Edmond will ask you to pour some water on the soil, and you have water in your inventory. Use a spade to soften the ground and give water to the soil.

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  • Step Three:

You have to go towards Ardougne through a pipe. Remove its covering and use the rope but don’t forget to wear your mask. You are in the plague city after crossing the pipe.

  • Step Four:

You will meet Jethick at the start and ask him about Elena. He will tell you that she is treating people and give her this book. He will provide a book to give to the girl. Move towards the north, and you’ll see a house, knock at the door, but nobody opens it. Tell them that you are here to return the book from Jethick.



  • Step Five:

You will meet a girl in the house. Ask her about Elena. She will tell you that someone has kidnapped her and Mili can tell you about the place. Go upstairs and talk to Mili. She will guide you towards the southeast corner of the city where Elena is being held.



  • Step Six:

Move towards the southeast corner and find the building. The room is locked. Ask someone to open the door, but a man will replay that plague has touched the door, and he can’t open it. You have to talk to Bravek to open it.



  • Step Seven:

Head towards the Bravek house, and the clerk will not allow you to meet him. Tell him that it is urgent, and he will allow you to meet Bravek. Talk to him and ask about the keys to open the door. He has a headache, that’s why he will refuse to help you.

  • Step Eight:

If you can make a hangover cure for him, then he can help you. Make the cure by using these ingredients:

  • Bucket of milk
  • Add chocolate dust to the milk.
  • Now add some snape grass.
  • Step Nine:

Bravkek will give you the warrant to take the Mourner with you. He will stop you from opening the door. Show him the warrant, and he will allow you to open it. Try to open the door, but it is locked. Elena will tell you that the keys are here in a barrel. Search for the keys and open the door. She will tell you that her father will reward you for freeing her.

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  • Step Ten:

Return to Edmond, and he will reward you.


Your quest Plague City OSRS has been completed.


  • One quest point
  • Ardougne teleport spell
  • 2425 mining experience

Plague City OSRS reward

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start in Plague City OSRS?

Your starting point is Edmond’s house. Talk to Edmond and his wife to ask about their daughter and tell them that you will help to find Elena. Take a picture of Elena and a mask to keep yourself safe from the deadly disease.

How do you cure a hangover?

You have to use three ingredients to cure a hangover. The recipe and ingredients are mentioned below:


  • A bucket of milk
  • Chocolate dust
  • Snape grass


  • Warm up the milk
  • Add some chocolate dust to it.
  • In the end, add some snape grass.

Your recipe is ready to use.

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