Quick Desert Treasure Guide OSRS – All You Need to Know


Desert Treasure Complete Quick Guide OSRS

Something has been introduced in the OSRS to give a bumper reward. Are you ready to know about it? Then without wasting time, let’s start our Desert Treasure Guide.

Desert Treasure Complete Quick Guide

Story of Desert Treasure:

Desert Treasure is actually an adventurer treasure where you have to find gems, gold, and precious metals. Although it is not an easy task, be careful and try your best to find the treasure.

Have you heard some rumors nowadays? An archaeologist discovers that there is a treasure in the desert. You have to help him because, in the end, you will get an enormous reward which will be enough for you. As now you have decided to play the desert treasure, you need some guidance. I will provide you all the guidelines and some tips to quickly find the treasure and get your reward.

Are you ready to join archaeologists on this journey? Your answer should be yes because this journey is going to be excellent by the passage of time. You will find at the end this is a rumor, or he finds something valuable.



  • Requirements to Win Easily:

As you know, it is necessary to complete some important quests and skill to play quickly. These requirements must be met to start the Desert treasure. Let’s check out our completed quests lists and inventory.

Completing these quests is necessary:

  • The dig site
  • Temple of Ikov
  • The tourist trap
  • Troll stronghold
  • Death plateau
  • Priest in peril
  • Waterfall quest
  • 53 thieving skill
  • 50 magic
  • 50 firemaking
  • Ten slayer

Checked all the requirements? If yes, then go ahead; if no, then go and complete the remaining quests.

Items to Get Huge Rewards:

Now check your inventory and mark all the items that you have or not. If you have all of them, you can move on. If you have missed something in your inventory, you have to buy it; otherwise, you will fail.

  • Shanty passes
  • 650 coins
  • Magic logs
  • Steel bars
  • Molten glass
  • Ashes
  • Charcoal
  • Blood rune
  • Bones
  • Silver bar
  • Garlic powder
  • Spices
  • Cake
  • Spiked boots
  • Climbing boots
  • Tinderbox
  • Many lockpicks

Check them in your inventory. You will find all of them. Do you have all the things or not? Make sure and cross-checked them, and then go ahead. If you don’t have the required item, you may die before the end of the quest.

Extraordinary Performance:

Do you want to show some extraordinary performance in the quest? I have the solution to this remarkable performance. Below is the list of some items that will help you to perform your best in the desert.

  • Good food
  • Prayer potion
  • Restore potion
  • Antipoison
  • Ice gloves
  • Energy potion
  • Weight reducing clothing
  • Coins
  • Ring of dueling
  • Digsite pendant
  • Ectophial
  • Skills necklace

Your Enemies to Defeat:

You will face enemies in almost every quest, and in this quest, you have to defeat five enemies. It is not a challenging task to kill them. I will tell you some secrets that will help you to kill them quickly and easily. Do you want to know the names of your enemies?

  • Dessous
  • Ice trolls
  • Kamil
  • Fareed
  • Damis

Where to start?

Why are you worried about the quest? I will tell you everything, the desert treasure guide. How is it possible I will guide you about the starting?

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Talk to the archaeologist and tell him that you want to join him for this treasure journey. The journey is going to start from the Bedabin camp. He will allow you to join him.

Start the Quest:

  • Talk to an archaeologist and join him. You have to use Ali Morrisane’s carpet to reach him fastly. He will tell you about a stone that he wants to examine. He will ask you to go to the digsite to examine it. You must say yes to the next part.
  • Move towards Digsite and ask an expert to examine this tablet for you. The expert will scan it and give you some notes.
  • Give these notes to him, and he will offer you something. You have to accept the offer because he is offering you 50% of the treasure. When you agree, he will ask you to move to the bandit camp. He will look around to find more clues.
  • If you want to keep yourself safe from the attack of bandits, do not bring any Zamorak item with you. Buy a beer and talk to the barkeeper and ask about the diamond.
  • Talk to Eblis and ask him about the diamond, but he will demand these items:
    • 12 magic logs
    • Six molten glass
    • Six steel bars
    • Ashes
    • Charcoal
    • Blood rune
    • Bones
  • When you give him all the things, he will ask you to meet him in the east. He will tell you something about diamonds.
  • There are six mirrors in front of you, and you need four diamonds.

How to pick the diamonds? Which mirror is the right one? Scroll down your screen and get the answer to your question.

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Ice Diamond:

Have you checked all the items that will help you in the ice path? Okay, so let’s start finding the ice diamond. If you forget about them, don’t worry; see the list below that will help you.

Ice Diamond

Items Required:

  • Cake
  • Spiked boots
  • Climbing boots
  • Food and combat equipment
  • Prayer and restore potions

Find the Diamond:

  • You have to move towards the north to reach an icy gate. The troll child is crying at the door, and his parents are not there. Ask him why he is crying, and he will tell you that he wants to eat something sweet. Give him the chocolate cake and ask about troll parents. He will tell you that a man freezes his parents because they stole his diamond.
  • Enter the gate, and there you will see a cave that is covered with ice. You have to kill five trolls, and the door will automatically open for you.
  • Follow the path and kill Kamil here. He can freeze you, so be careful and kill him wisely; otherwise, he can freeze you and your powers.
  • Now move towards the west in the icy path.
  • It’s time to climb up the mountain, and you have to wear spiked shoes.
  • The bad man freezes the trolls in ice. Use your fire spell and break the ice. Ask them about the ice diamond.

Blood Diamond:

It is not easy to find blood diamonds easily because you can get any damages.

Blood Diamond

Items Required:

  • Silver bar
  • Spice
  • Garlic powder
  • Prayer potion
  • Combat equipment

Find the Diamond:

  • Go to the pub, and you will meet a vampire named Malak. Ask him about the blood diamond. He will offer to kill Dessous and get the diamond.
  • Take the silver bar and move towards the Draynore Dungeon. You have to make a silver pot here. Now you need a pot and for this purpose, visit the priest. He will give the pot.
  • Now pick a silver pot, spices, garlic, and pestle and mortar. Talk to the vampire again and ask him what to do. He will tell you to add fresh blood and then add all other ingredients. He will hit you and use your blood with other items. Add all the things in pestle and mortar and grind them.
  • Go to the graveyard and put throw the mixture on Dessous. He will come out of his home. Kill him with an air spell. Come back to Malak and take the blood diamond.

 Smoke Diamond:

You need to fight with some enemies that can kill you.

 Smoke Diamond

Items Required:

  • Tinderbox
  • Face mask
  • Ice gloves
  • Energy potions
  • Protect from melee prayer

Find the Diamond:

  • There is a well on the east side. Wear your mask and enter the well. Don’t take off the mask; otherwise, you will take 20 damages after a few seconds.
  • In the middle of the well, you will see a square room. The room demands to turn the light on to get the key.
  • Pick up the torch from the room and use a tinderbox with it. Space will be light up after it.
  • Open the chest to pick the key.

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  • Now, move towards the eastern side, and a monster will appear. The monster Fareed will use melee and magic attack. You must use protection from melee and magichide to keep yourself safe from Fareed.
  • When you kill the monster, he will drop the smoke diamond. Pick it up, and you have successfully find the third diamond.

Shadow Diamond:

The last diamond of the desert treasure Quest.

Shadow Diamond

Items required:

  • 20 lockpicks
  • Antipoison
  • Food
  • 5,000 coins
  • Magic combat equipment
  • Prayer potion

Find the diamond:

  • Talk to Rasolo and ask him about the shadow diamond.
  • Move towards the Bandit camp and enter in the southeaster tent. Unlock the chest, and you will find the Gilded Cross there. Pick it and give it to Rasolo. He will provide you with a ring that can make you invisible.
  • When you wear it, you will see a ladder in the picnic going on the earth.
  • This is the lair of Damis. You have to kill him. Use protect from melee and attack on him.
  • The main thing is he can transform from one shape to another. When you defeat him, he will change his form and become more strong. He will drop the shadow diamond. Quickly pick it up and leave the lair or Damis.

Jaldraocht Pyramid:

The last part of the game, and when you completed the Desert Treasure Quest.

Items Required:

  • All four diamonds


  • Come back to Eblis and talk to him. He will tell you that he has found a pyramid.
  • Place all the diamonds in their places to open the door.
  • When you place the diamond, run fastly because the pyramid can fall.
  • Be aware of mummies and the danger that you can face in the pyramid.
  • Talk to Azzanadra, and he will give you some knowledge of ancient magicks.


Your quest Desert Treasure has been completed.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is Desert Treasure hard?

The answer to this question is dependent upon your skill level. As a general, “No,” it is not a challenging quest; you have to play it carefully and wisely because different parts are performed. If you read the guide correctly, you will not find it hard. I will say it is necessary to have a high skill level; then, you will not find it hard.

Can you do desert treasure with one prayer?

No! you can’t use only one prayer because you have to play different parts to get the diamonds. Every part of finding the diamond is demanding other prayers. It is highly recommended to use more than two prayers.

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