Revenant Cave Complete Guide – OSRS (Old School RuneScape)


Revenant Cave OSRS Guide:

If you want to know about the revenant cave, you must be aware of Revenants first. When you know about this creature, you can easily understand the cave and its activities. So, let’s start our article with these monsters.


These are the most dangerous and vengeful spirits in OSRS. When the God War was happening, they were killed in this war and then became Revenants. They use different attacks against the player that you can not fight with them. One of the main things about these monsters is that they can automatically heal their hitpoints when falling 50%.

They drop different equipment and items that you can use in the cave. These items are mentioned below:

  • Revenant ether
  • Ancient Artefacts
  • Ancient Crystals

These items can be used in charging various weapons in the game.

Secondly, they also drop the most important items that you can use in the Wilderness.

  • Craw’s bow
  • Thammaron’s Sceptre
  • Viggora’s Chainmace

Revenant Cave:

As the revenant creatures are dangerous the same, the revenant cave is also dangerous. Revenants lived there and did not allow anyone to come here and fight with them. There is also another danger for the player that other players can also attack you. So, be careful and only bring those weapons with you that you can lose in this cave.

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Note: If you are a member of Old School RuneScape, you can be a part of it.


Your main task is to reach the cave, and you have five options that will help you reach the Revenant cave quickly.


It’s a small boat that you can choose for traveling. You have to create the boat first and then move towards the cave.

Carrallangar Teleport:

It is a magic tablet that will help you to reach your destination easily and quickly. It requires a magic level 84, and then you will be able to teleport yourself.

Wilderness Obelisks:

It is a device that only a member of OSRS can use. A beneficial device for reaching different locations quickly. When you use it, you will reach both entrance doors of the cave.

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Burning Amulet:

It is a necklace that works when you rubbed it and can teleport the player to the different locations of Wilderness. It can teleport you to the level 40 entrance.

Revenant Cave Teleport:

The easiest way to reach the cave by using this teleport device. It obtains after defeating the monsters. Cave teleport can be sent to the level 40 entrance.


Revenant Cave is all about the creatures that are killed by the Gods in the war. They are the most powerful creatures, and you can not kill them easily. So, reach the cave and collect the items they drop, and then you will be able to fight with them. You have to fight with them wisely because they can automatically heal their hitpoints.

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