Shadow Of The Storm – OSRS (Old School RuneScape)

Quick Guide Of Shadow Of The Storm


Shadow Of The Storm Quick Guide:

A group of wizards is going to call a dangerous monster that has some exceptional powers. He can harm the city and people and father Reen needs your help. A priest in the shadow of the storm is also included in calling the monster. He wants to call him and kill him, but the reality is not the same. There is a hidden truth under the mystery. So, you have to help the father Reen in this quest.

Items Required:

  • Silverlight
  • Strange implement
  • Black outfit
  • Black mushroom ink
  • A silver bar
  • 2 shantay passes


Agrith-Naar is the monster of the shadow of the storm.

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Talk to father Reen and talk about the wizards. He will tell you about the evil wizards that are going to call a demon. He will tell you to visit father Badden in Uzer.

Travel toward the Uzer by using a magic carpet and talk to father Badden.

Pick a black mushroom from there and dye your silver light with it and make it black light.

Now, wear 3 black clothes and move toward Evil-Dave. Show him the black light, and he will allow you to enter the Dungeon where they are calling the monster. He will bring you to Denath.

Talk to Denath, and he will ask you to craft a Demonic hill.

Talk to Jennifer and ask about the Demonic hill. You will get it from Jennifer.

Speak to Matthew, and he will tell you to find a book (make sure you have the Demonic Sigil).

Talk to clay Golem and ask him about the book. He will tell you that you will find it near the kiln.

Read the book and take it to Matthew. He will take you to the Denath.

Denath will tell you that they are going to start their rituals. So, use your sigil and say whatever he is speaking.

Denath will step into the portal and you have to pick up his sigil.

Tanya will be killed by the ghosts, and you have to pick her sigil too.

Talk to Evil-Dave, and he will tell you that Eric was crushed by the Rock. Now, pick his sigil.

Now, you have four sigils in your hands.

Grab the strange implement and head outside. Talk to father Reen and ask him to come inside. First, he will reject it, and then he will decide and move towards inside.

Talk to father Badden and give him a sigil. Give one sigil to father Reen.

Ask Golem to come inside, but he will reject it. Use a strange implement on him, and he will join you. Give him a sigil.

Now all of you have 4 sigils.

Go back to the temple, and Evil Dave has called the Agrith-Naar.

He will kill Matthew. Find the book and use the chat against the monster.

Now, he will attack you, and you have to keep yourself safe from him. Agrith-Naar will use magic and melee against you. So you have to use protection from magic.

You can fight with any weapon to kill the monster. The main weapon is a black Silverlight that will help you to kill him.

Once the monster is killed, your silver light will turn into dark light.

Congratulations, your quest has been completed.

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  • 1 quest point
  • Darklight sword
  • 10,000 strength XP


In this quest, you have to help Evil Dave to call the monster and later kill him. This level is all about using magic spells and tricks to be evil to enter the portal. So, play this level carefully and wisely because Agrith-Naar can kill you. This quick guide will help you in easily completing the shadow of the storm.

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