New Superior Slayer Monsters OSRS


Superior Slayer Monster – Old School RuneScape OSRS

A superior slayer monster is a bigger monster in slayers that is more powerful and strong as compared to others. You need to kill him with your slayer experience by gaining it from any slayer masters. They spawn upon death.

If you unlock the Bigger and Badder quest by gaining 150 slayer points, then you will be able enough to kill the superior slayer. When a slayer monster spawns, you will receive a message on the chatbox that:

“A superior foe has appeared”

When you fight and kill the slayer monsters, you will gain a generous amount of slayer experience that will help you in new levels. Secondly, you will not only get the slayer experience, but also ten hitpoints. These hit points are necessary for your life in the game. Otherwise, you will die.

When a superior monster is spawned for you, no other player can help you to kill him. You have to help yourself by using skills and killing the monster for gaining slayer experience.

If you are going to fight with a monster, you have to be spawned first because only a spawn player can kill him. There is an easy way to kill him by staying close to the superior slayer. If you do not attack it, he will be killed within 30 seconds. If you die while fighting with a superior slayer, he will disappear after it.


When you are fighting with one monster other monsters will not appear or fight with you, it’s a rule of the Old School RuneScape. If you are in a single combat area, one or two monsters can attack you at a time. If you are under attack by one and a second monster appears the first one will leave you. If you are in a multi combat area, then there is a chance that multiple monsters will appear simultaneously.

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Superior Versions of Monsters:

Here we are going to tell you about the superior version of some monster that will guide you about their next version. When you will face them in the next level or quest you will know about it. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Crawling hand: Crushing hand
  • Cave crawler: Chasm crawler
  • Banshee: Screaming Banshee
  • Twisted Banshee: Screaming twisted Banshee
  • Rock Slug: Giant Rockslug
  • Cockatrice: Cockathrice
  • Pyrefiend: Flaming pyrelord
  • Pyrelord: Infernal pyrelord
  • Basilisk: Monstrous basilisk
  • Infernal Mage: Malevolent Mage
  • Bloodveld: Insatiable Bloodveld
  • Mutated Bloodveld: Insatiable mutated bloodveld
  • Jelly: Vitreous jelly
  • Warped jelly: Vitreous warped jelly
  • Turoth: Spiked turoth

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This superior slayer monster is all about the giant slayer that is not the normal slayer in Old School RuneScape. You have to fight with him or kill him carefully; otherwise, he can kill you, and you will lose your life. So, keep these tricks in mind and fight with him and win the game. Some of the next versions of slayer monsters are also mentioned for your ease.


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