Complete Quest Guide Of Tale Of The Righteous – OSRS

Tale Of The Righteous - OSRS (Old School RuneScape)


Tale Of The Righteous OSRS Quick Guide:

A tale of the righteous is a quest in which the king Shyzien VII has gone on an expedition with his team and never returns back. His soldier Phileas Rimor wants to search for the king and his team after a thousand years. You have to join him and help him to search for his ancestors.

Items Required:

  • 1 pickaxe
  • 1 ranged weapon with ammunition
  • 2 or 3 casts of any magic combat spell
  • Rope

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The game is starting from the point where you have to talk to Phileas Rimor and ask him if he needs your help. He will agree to help him. His house is on the north side of the bank in the Shayzien house.

  • Go toward the great library of the Kourend and speak to Archeio. After talking to him, teleport to the secret place of the library’s historical archive.
  • Talk to Pagida (the expert of magical tracks) and ask him to teleport you in the tower of magic.
  • Push the strange device towards the west and attack it with the help of magic.
  • From the south side attack with the melee, which is a weapon and will help you in completing the quest.
  • At this point, push the strange device towards the east and here attack it with ranged.
  • Now, investigate the skeleton in the cell.
  • Return back to the Philea Rimor and talk to him.
  • In the war, the tent goes upstairs, and you will find Lord Shiro Shyzien (leader of Shayzien house).
  • Now, travel towards Mount Quidamortem with a talisman. You can ask the mountain guide to help you in quick travel by unlocking quick travel.
  • At this point, you will meet with the historian Duffy. Talk to him, and he will help you.
  • Use your rope on the crack of the mountain and enter this crack.
  • Here you need to push the rocks and mine the rock-falls.
  • You will see a magic gate, you need to cross that magic gate, but first of all, kill the corrupt lizardman. He is the security guard of the magic gate.
  • Enter the magic gate and investigate all things and inspect the unstable altar.
  • Hop worlds to quickly leave.
  • Talk to Duffy about the unstable altar.
  • Go back to the cave and talk to Duffy.
  • Speak to Gnosi, she will be near the unstable altar.
  • Come back to the war tent and talk to Lord Shiro Shayzien.
  • Return back to Phileas’s tent and search for him but he will not be there.
  • Again return back to Lord Shiro once again.

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  • 1 quest point
  • 8000 coins
  • A certificate
  • A memoir page


This is the simplest quick guide we have written for your ease. This OSRS guide will help you to complete your quest of the tale of the righteous and achieve your goals to reach the next level.

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