The Corsair Curse Guide – OSRS (Old School RuneScape)

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Corsair Curse Guide – Old School RuneScape

In Old School RuneScape the Corsair Curse is a new quest in which you have to help a pirate. The captain of Corsair thinks that a curse has been laid upon his crew; that’s why they are sick. So, you have to help them, maybe you can overcome this curse.

Items Required:

  • Spade
  • Tinderbox

Starting Point:

Speak to the captain of Corsair which is located at Port Sarim, a town in southeastern Asgarnia.

Move towards the south of the rusty anchor pub in the ship.

Talk to the captain pirate again.

Speak to Ithoi the Navigator, who is upstairs of the building on the beach.

Speak to a crewmember Arsen, the thief.

Speak to Cabin boy Colin who is supposed to be cursed.

Speak to Gnocci the cook who is also being cursed.

Return to captain Tock and talk to him. At this point, you will receive the orge artefact, which is a weapon. Arsen, the thief, has stolen it, and he must return it to lift the curse.

Speak to Chief Tess and give her Orge Artefact.

Talk to Ithoi the Navigator again.

Use the telescope at his hut and look toward the place where Gnocci the Cook fished. A cutscene will appear here.

Return to Gnocci the Cook.

Speak to Arsen, the thief.

Again talk to Cabin Boy Colin.

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Note: these all NPCs are cursed, and you have to talk to them again to complete the quest.

Speak to the captain and tell him about the cursed people.

Talk to Gnocci the Cook and tell him he is cursed.

Tell Arsen the thief that he is the main reason for this curse.

Speak to Cabin Boy Coblin who is also a part of this curse.

Talk to Inthoi the Navigator. A cutscene will appear.

Again talk to the Navigator.

Speak to Captain Tock again.

Kill Inthoi the Navigator. Use protection from magic to keep yourself safe from any damage.

Talk to the pirate again that the curse has ended.

Congratulations, your quest has been completed.

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  • 2 quest points
  • Access to corsair cove facilities


You will come to know that the curse is happening because of  Inthoi. So, after talking to every member of the crew and investigating, you will find that this curse will end after killing Inhtoi. After killing him, the Corsair Curse will end.

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