The Tail Of Two Cats OSRS Quick Guide

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A Tail Of Two Cats Guide:

The tail of two cats is a quest of Old School RuneScape, where you have to find a cat Bob who is missing. Now, you will help Unferth to find the cat and get your reward after completing this quest.

Items Required:

  • A cat or kitten
  • Catspeak amulet (help you to talk with cats)
  • 5 death runes
  • A chocolate cake
  • Logs
  • A tinder box
  • A bucket of milk
  • Shears
  • 4 potato seeds
  • A rake
  • A seed dibber
  • A vial of water
  • Desert clothing

Starting the Quest:

You need to talk to Unferth who is the human-pet of “Bob the Jagex Cat”. he will ask you to help him in finding his black cat.

He will send you toward the Hild. She enchants the catspeak amulet (used to talking with cats and understanding their language) for 5 death runes.

Open the amulet, and you will find a picture of a cat that will help you to find Bob the cat easily.

When the eyes of a cat in the picture will shine, it means you are close to Bob. When the eyes of the cat in the pictures turn into black colour, it means you are in the wrong direction.

Talk to Gertrude, and she will guide you to visit Reldo, who is the librarian of Varrock palace.

Reldo will tell you about Robert the Strong, and he will guide you to visit the Sphinx in Sophanem (the city of death).

After talking to Shinx return back to Unferth’s house. Now, you have to perform some tasks to complete this quest: a tail of two cats.

The tasks you need to complete are mentioned below:

  • Go to Unferth’s house, clean, and make his bed.
  • Now, use the logs at the fireplace and light it by using the tinderbox.
  • Set the chocolate cake and the bucket of milk on the table which is placed at the corner of the room.
  • Cut the hair of Unferth and make him bald by using your shear.
  • Use your rake and plant 4 potato seeds in the garden. Now, you have to wait until the plant grows. It will grow in 15-35 minutes.

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The cat Robert the strong will tell you that you have completed all the chores and now visit Unferth.

You will find that Unferth is ill and you need to help him and cure him. The cat will tell you to call the Apothecary. He runs the pharmacy in Varrock.

Apothecary will tell you that Unferth is not ill and you can cure him. You have to wear the clothing of a doctor. He will also give you a hat to wear and cure him.

Note: make sure you take off the weapons and shields to look like a doctor.

Now, cure Unferth and tell him that he is completely fine and do not worry about the illness.

Again use your amulet and find Bob and you will find him nearby. A cutscene will appear here.

Return back to Unferth and tell him that you find Bob the cat and he is fine.

Your Quest has been completed.

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  • Two quest points.
  • Mysterious presents.


The tail of two cats is all about finding a cat but to complete the Chores of Unferth is more important. Robert the strong will help you at every point in completing the tasks and finding Bob. So, you have to take the help of Robert to complete your quest. I hope this guide will help you to complete this level and gain some mysterious presents at the end.

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