The Tome Of The Fire – OSRS (Old School RuneScape)

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Tome Of Fire Book – OSRS:

The tome of the fire is a book that you need to complete some quests and will help you in fighting with the monsters. It will also increase your magic spell by 50%, and you can fight with the dragons easily.

It’s a book that you can find in a shield that is protecting the book. That shield is a reward from the supply crate that you will obtain after completing the Wintertodt quest. This tome of fire can be charged by burnt pages.

These burnt pages charge the book and increase its ability to fight with enemies. One burnt page can add 20 charges to the tome of fire. One book can hold 1,000 burnt pages and get a lot of charges.

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You have to use the full charges of the book to consume it. If you only use one or two charges, the whole page will be removed from the tome of fire. When you cast a spell on someone by using a tome, your spell power will increase by 50%. Secondly, only 1 charge will consume by using one magic spell.

It means you can get a big chance to increase your magic spell by using the charges to the tome of fire. If you are casting a non-combat spell, then you will not consume any charge because a non-combat spell is not part of this book.

There is another chance of you if you want to sell this tome. You can trade an empty tome for 250 burnt pages to someone. Here is Ignisia the grandmaster of the sacred flame, you can sell it to him.

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You need this book to complete and fight with some monsters. So, you have to find the tome of fire and charge its pages. I hope this little guide will help you to know what is the tome of fire in Old School RuneScape.


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