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OSRS Tower Of Life Quick Guide

The Tower of life – OSRS is an online quest, in which some alchemists are trying to create a new creature. They are working with helpers, but the workers left the tower when they realize something bad will happen after creating something new. All of the workers went to strike.

The alchemists were worried about the completion of their project and trying to recall their helpers. From this part the game begins and here is some major information about this tower of life OSRS.

Characters in the Game:

  • You (player)
  • Effigy
  • Bonafido
  • Gummy
  • The Guns
  • Black-Eye
  • No Fingers
  • Homunculus (new creature)
  • Currency (the alchemist)
  • Transmute (the alchemist)

The game is all about creating a tower where the monster is going to be produced. You (the player) have to find the instruments that will help you create the tower of life. There are different floors where you have to build the various part of the tower.

Now, I’m going to tell you about the instructions that will help you to play the game easily. Let’s begin!

Before starting anything, you must use some instruments that help the player for playing a game. Here is also some important things you need before playing the OSRS (Old School RuneScape).

Items Required:

  • A hammer
  • A saw
  • Beer
  • Inventory spaces
  • Gloves

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First of all, you need to talk to Effigy, who is the main character of the game and controlling all the other characters playing with him.

  • Talk to Effigy who is waiting for the helpers to come back and finish their work. He is going to ask you to convince the workers to come back to work and complete it.
  • You are going to Bonafido and ask him to complete the creation of the tower it is safe and go inside. He will ask you to change your dress before going inside the tower.
  • It’s time to collect the clothes from different works after rejecting your proposal for completing the creation of the tower of life.
  • First of all, you went to “No Fingers” and ask him for his boots.
  • Secondly, you ask “TheGuns” for his shirt, but he demands a beer in exchange.
  • Thirdly, you are going to ask the trousers from “Gummy” he will say that he lost his trouser near the ocean. Now, you have to search for it near the ocean, and you will find it.
  • Fourthly and lastly, you need a hard hat which is only available to the “Black-Eye”. He is going to ask some questions, and you have to answer them.

Q1. How many nails make a rocking chair?

Ans. 3 Nails Make a Rocking Chair.

Q2. What do 3 cloth, 3 nails, and 3 planks make?

Ans. A Mixture of these three things will make a Torn curtain.

Q3. I like to fish and want to put some in my garden. How do I make a water feature?

Ans. By using 10 clays, you can put some fish in the garden.

  • Now, you are ready to go inside the building but before going inside you need to talk to Bonafido again. At this part, he will ask you some random questions about the attitude as a builder.
  • After this processor, it’s time to make an entry. Here, you need to search for the instruments that needed for completing the construction.

These are the things you need to find:

  • 4 balls
  • 3 sheets
  • 4 valve
  • 6 rivets
  • 4 pipes
  • 5 pipe rings
  • 5 metal bars
  • 4 binding fluids
  • The very first machine you need to repair is a “pressure machine”. After fixing this machine, turn the valve on. The pressure machine will push the water to the top.
  • The second machine is a “pipe machine” after fixing this machine water will go through them. The pressure machine will push the water through this pipe machine to the top of the tower.
  • The third and the last machine is like a cage where the monster is going to be produced. When you fix it just click the “place bar” and all machines are repaired.
  • At this point, Effigy will meet you the beast will produce in the cage. Effigy and alchemists run away and ask you to fight with the monster.
  • Talk to the beast and help him to understand what is happening here.
  • After it goes to the basement with him and tells him what happened to him and how the alchemist creates a new creature.
  • You have completed your quest now you will get your reward. That reward includes 2 quest points, 1000 construction XP, 500 crafting XP, 500 thieving XP, and access to the creature creation (new level).


    This Old School RuneScape guide is all about the tower of life that you need to know before playing. People are loving it because of the monster and find out how they create a new creature.

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