Ultimate Mining Training Guide OSRS- Pay-to-Play – Level 1-99


Pay To Play Mining Training Guide Osrs

A pay-to-play mining training is the member’s only training that is only available for those who buy a membership. They can use a wide range of weapons, attacks, and items in the game. It is better to purchase the membership because you have much more to do in this section than free players.

This training is specially designed for players who have less mining points. The experts have added this part in the game so that people may earn more points and experiences. If you have fewer points, don’t forget to take part in this training. You can also make money by getting some costly ores and gold bars and selling them.

You will get to know all the major and minor details of Mining Training Guide. This ultimate guide will help you to earn as much money and experience you want. You have to read this complete guide from top to end, and you will play perfectly.

Tools to Use in Mining Training Guide:

The best, one, and only tool which you will use is a Pickaxe. It will help you to mine the rocks easily and quickly and find the ores. I would like to suggest that you use the best Pickaxe because it can work more rapidly. You must check the tool bag and select the best one you have to earn everything fastly.

  • Pickaxe:

A tool used to mine everything and anything because various kinds of axes are available. A simple axe can break the ores, but as the picks’ level gradually increases, their work’s ability also increases. It is suggested to use the best and advanced pickaxe in mining training. The best one will fastly break the ores and save your time to earn more points.

Note: the player can not make a pickaxe. He has to buy it from a shop.

Types of Pickaxes:

If you want to buy a new axe for mining, you must look at this guide that will help you to choose the perfect one. Make sure to select the best tool for this part of the game because it will help you. There are many kinds of pickaxes available in shops. Let’s have a look at all these types.

  • Bronze:

You will get it in the mining part of Tutorial Island when you start playing the quest. It is made up of bronze, but it is declared as Lowest-Grade Pickaxe.

Source: OSRS
  • Iron Pickaxe:

A stronger tool than bronze. You can use it to mine different rocks. If you use all pickaxes and try to make it, you can not do it because the iron axe is stronger than others.

Iron Pickaxe
Source: OSRS
  • Steel Pickaxe:

It is stronger than iron because it can only wield if you have level six in mining and level five in the attack.

Steel Pickaxe
Source: OSRS
  • Black Pickaxe:

A reward for beginners but the lightest one. You can use it for activities like questing and Runecrafting.

Black Pickaxe
Source: OSRS
  • Mithril Pickaxe:

It requires level 20 of the attack and level 21 of mining to wield. A lightweight pick that you can use in Runecrafting activities.

Mithril Pickaxe
Source: OSRS
  • Adamant Pickaxe:

It requires an attack level of 30 and 31 mining levels if you want to use it. You can buy it from a shop for 3200 coins.

Adamant Pickaxe
Source: OSRS
  • Rune Pickaxe:

The third best tool available in OSRS for the mining process. You can’t smith it because this skill is not available. You have to buy it from a shop, or you can win it at the end of Between a Rock.

Rune Pickaxe
Source: OSRS
  • Infernal Pickaxe:

The best pickaxe you can use because of its features. It is made up of Smouldering and Dragon Pickaxe. You have to clear high levels of mining and attack to wield it. Secondly, you need a high smithing level to create it.

Infernal Pickaxe
Source: OSRS
  • Crystal Pickaxe:

A special kind of pick that can increase the mining speed. You can mine ore with three hits easily. It is possible to create this ax with a singing bowl and dragon ax.

Crystal Pickaxe
Source: OSRS

What are you thinking about now? Which one should you pick? Of course, I’ll tell you about it because it is more important to say to you each and everything about this part.

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You must choose an Infernal Pickaxe because its features are higher than others. Secondly, you can make it with smithing skills, that’s why it is best for mining. If you find it expensive, then I have another option for you. Pick up the Crystal Pickaxe because you can make it. If you have a massive amount of crystal shards, then you must create and use it.

Varrock Armour:

The biggest deal of mining training is wearing Varrock Armour. If you wear it, you will get a 10% chance to break the ore with one hit. There are four kinds of amour available for the players that he can wear.

  • Armour One:

A reward after completing Varrock Diary. You can receive or win it after completing that quest. The total weight of this jacket is one KG and gives you bonus ores up to coals.

Armour One
Source: OSRS
  • Armour Two:

A reward after completing the Medium Varrock Diary. If it is lost, you can get it again from Varrock. It will grant you a bonus up to mithril.

Armour Two
Source: OSRS
  • Armour Three:

If you have completed the Hard Varrock Diary, then you will get it as a reward. It can give you a bonus up to adamantite.

Armour Three
Source: OSRS
  • Armour Four:

A strong and solid armour you can win after Varrock Diary. Its weight is less as compared to others, and you can carry it easily. It will give you a 10% bonus up to amethyst.

Armour Four
Source: OSRS

Prospector Kit:

A kit that will grant you a 2.5% bonus in mining experience. If you wear this Prospector Kit, you can earn more experience points. You can buy it from a shop in exchange for 180 golden nuggets. If you want to earn Golden Nuggets, it is only available in Pay-Dirt mining. There are four parts to this Kit you must wear.

Prospector Kit
Source: OSRS
  • Prospector Helmet:

A yellow helmet with two lights on it is the first item of the kit. You can buy it for 40 Golden Nuggets and increase 0.4% bonus in the mining experience.

Note: the light source will not provide you light; this is just for decoration.
Prospector Helmet
Source: OSRS
  • Prospector Jacket:

An outfit for the player to increase the bonus experience up to 0.8%. You can buy it for 60 golden nuggets.

Note: the player can also use armour four instead of this jacket to receive the bonus.
Prospector Jacket
Source: OSRS
  • Prospector Legs:

A legging that can increase the bonus of up to 0.6%. You can buy it or 50 golden nuggets.

Prospector Legs
Source: OSRS
  • Prospector Boots:

A pair of shoes to wear on foot. These boots can increase the bonus of mining up to 0.2%. You can buy it from the shop in exchange for 30 golden nuggets.

Prospector Boots
Source: OSRS


While mining, the player will not only get the experience point, but they can also find the Ores. These items are obtained when you start mining time by time and give mining experience. Different kinds of rocks will give you different points of expertise. Some of the ores are mentioned below with their points.

  • Rune essence (5 points)
  • Clay (5)
  • Copper (17.5)
  • Tin (17.5)
  • Blurite ore (17.5)
  • Limestone (26.5)
  • Iron (35)
  • Silver ore (40)
  • Volcanic Ash (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60)
  • Coal (50)
  • Pure essence (5)
  • Sandstone (30, 40, 50, 60)
  • Gold ore (65)
  • Gem rock (65)
  • Granite (50, 60, 75)
  • Mithril ore (80)
  • Lovakite ore (10)
  • Runite (125)
  • Amethyst (240)

Level 1-37:

You can complete the level 1 to 37 by completing some quests. These quests will give you many experience points, and your 37 levels of mining will clear by completing them. You must use Adamant Pickaxe while playing level 1-37, and you will win 27,525 points. The name of the quests are mentioned below:

  • Doric’s quest
  • The dig site
  • Plague city
  • The giant dwarf
  • The lost tribe
  • Another slice of A.H.M

Complete these quests, and you will automatically reach 37 levels of mining.

Level 1-15:

You can also complete the 15 levels by mining the tin and copper. A combination of both these rocks will give you 17.5 experience points. You need 2,411 points to reach level 15.

Level 15-70:

The player will mine iron in these levels. You should wear a Varrock Armour and increase the chance to get 10% extra points. The rocks will break with three hits, but after armour, they will break with one hit. So, don’t forget to wear it while breaking iron.

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You can earn up to 70,000 to 80,000 points per hour by using the jacket and infernal pickaxe. Work as much as you can so that you may get more points.

Level 70-99:

You have to break the granite in the mine to get higher experience points. It is suggested to wear Varrock armour two; then you can hit two rocks with one hit. Secondly, you can also gain 10% extra experience.

The rocks are placed at different positions. You can use a teleport system to cover the distance rapidly. If you perform well, you can win up to 125,000 to 130,000 experience points per hour. The more you spend your hour’s mining, the more you will win the points.

Quests for Mining Experience:

  • The forsaken tower (500 points)
  • Doric’s quest (1300)
  • Plague city (2425)
  • The giant dwarf (2500)
  • Heroe’s quest (2575)
  • Another side of A.H.M (3000)
  • The lost tribe (3000)
  • Between a rock (5000)
  • Enakhra’s lament (7000)
  • Making friends with my army (10,000)
  • The dig site (15,300)
  • Dragonslayer two (18,000)
  • Song of the Elves (20,000)

The total amount of your experience will be 90,600 points. You need more mini expertise; that’s why it is necessary to play the mining training to win millions of points.


This ultimate guide of mining training will help you to gain many experience points. These points will help you in the next quests and levels. The quests and levels give fewer experience points. That’s why the game owner created this level to provide you with a chance of earning more things. Follow these steps, and you will easily be able to have millions of experience points.

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