Unidentified Minerals Guide – OSRS (Old School RuneScape)


Unidentified Minerals OSRS Complete Guide

Unidentified materials are rare materials that you can find in a cave while mining. When the player will mine in the mining guild where only expert players can reach. There he will be able enough to get these unidentified minerals.

These materials are not useful for the players but you can buy something from them. You can trade these materials with Belona, a store owner that can provide you with everything in exchange for minerals.

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The things you can buy are mentioned below:

● Mining gloves

You will buy mining gloves from Belona at 60 unidentified materials. This pair can be sold back to the owner in 48 minerals.

● Superior mining gloves

Superior mining gloves are the next version of it and you can buy it in exchange for 120 unidentified minerals

● Soft clay packs

Soft clay is used to create different items in a quest to complete it. You can get a pack of soft clay from Belona.

● A bag full of gems

A bag full of gems can be obtained from the store by giving the shopkeeper 20 minerals. There are 40 uncut gems that you use in the next levels.

● Expert mining gloves

By combining mining gloves and superior mining gloves you can get expert mining gloves. It is an option given by Old School but costs 240 minerals. You can combine both of these gloves by giving a 60 minerals fee to Belona. If you have completed level 70 in mining then you will be able to wear this pair.

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These unidentified minerals of osrs can not be used in any quest but you need them to buy something from Belona. In any mining quest, you will need these items that are mentioned above to complete it quickly and easily. Make sure to collect as many minerals as you can and buy all the items

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