Wanted Quest Complete Guide – OSRS (Old School RuneScape)


OSRS Quest Guide Wanted:


A criminal is exiled from prison and threatening the people of RuneScape. Nobody knows where they can find him and needs your help. Use all your tricks, magic, and attacks and kill the wanted man.

Items Required:

  • 10,000 coins
  • 20 un-noted pure essence
  • A light source
  • Combat equipment

Items Recommended:

  • Amulet of glory
  • Teleportation runes
  • Falador teleports
  • Varrock teleports
  • Transportation methods

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Talk to Sir Tiffy in the park. He will tell you to become a white knight and meet sir Amik Varze.

Meet Amik Varze. He will offer you to become his squire. You have to reject his offer here by choosing “No, not right now.”

Ask him that you want to be his deputy. He will accept it because you are suitable for this position. He will call you when the situation becomes dangerous, and he needs you.

Come back to Sir Tiffy and tell him about your duty. He will tell you about a crisis that they are facing and order you to visit back to Sir Ami and talk to him.

Talk to Sir Amik, and he will tell you about the murderer, “Evil Solus Dellagar.” He will send you towards the white knights as their deputy.

Return to sir Tiffy, and at this point, he will ask you to buy a Commorb for 10K or make it. If you want to make it, you need an enchanted gem, a law rune, and a piece of molten glass, and Sir Tiffy will make a Commorb for you.

Move toward the Taverley Dungeon and reach the base camp of knights.

Talk to Lord Daquarius and ask him about Solus. He will not tell you about him. You have to kill the black knight who is protecting him. After killing the knight, Lord will tell you about Solus.

Talk to Mage of Zamorak and ask him about the murderer. He will demand 20 un-noted runes in exchange to tell you about Solus. After giving him, he will inform you that Solus is moved towards the east.

You will figure out that he has moved towards Canifis, a small town. Move towards Canifis and get to know where the enemy is.

You will meet Savant here, and she will inform you about “slow teleporting” and how to scan in cafinis.

Note: do not skip this conversation; otherwise, you must enter Canifis again.

Savant will give you an item that will help you in slow teleporting.

You have to completely scan five places where Solus can hide. After finding him, he will cast a spell on you, and you will lose your hitpoints. Savant will save you from dying and teleport you to a castle, and you can get plenty of food.

Head to Rune Essence Mine, and by using teleporting here, you will find Solus.

Kill him in this mine and move toward Sir Amik and get your reward.

Congratulations, your quest has been completed.

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  • 1 quest point
  • 5000 slayer XP
  • Access to white knight armoury
  • 2 treasure hunter keys


In wanted people are afraid of a murderer, and you have to help Sir Tiffy and Sir Amik to find and kill him. You have to play this quest wisely, and this guide about Wanted will help you play it. After finding Solus in the mine, kill him there; otherwise, he will kill you.

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