Wrath Rune – OSRS (Old School RuneScape)


Wrath Rune Weapon OSRS

Wrath rune is a small magical stone that contains different elements on it. These elements are the sign of using various spells with the help of Wrath Rune OSRS. You can get it in the quest “Dragon Slayer ||.” You can use these stones in “Surge Spells,” which is the strongest kind of spell a player can use.

If you have 95 runecraft skills, then you can make wrath rune easily. You can use the wrath altar and pure essence for crafting these stones. You also need to complete the “Dragon Slayer” quest for making them.

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Wrath altar is where the player will craft these magical runes, but you need some items for entering the city. If you have these three things, then you can enter the city easily.

  • Wrath Talisman (items that will help you in entering)
  • Wrath Tiara (made by the combination of talisman and tiara)
  • Runecraft Cape (if the player gain a maximum score in the runecrafting levels, then he will get it)

If you have completed the “Dragon Slayer” quest, then an entrance will be open for you, and you will reach the wrath altar easily. Myth’s Guild is the way from where you can enter the city, and you can make wrath runes.

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This mini-guide is all about the wrath rune that will help you in various quests. If you find or make these stones, you will be able to use spells strongly. These are the highest level runes. That’s why you may face difficulty in finding them, but when you get it, your magic spell will be increased.

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