X Marks The Spot OSRS Quick Guide – All Steps


OSRS X Mark The Spot Quest Guide


Veos is the lover of treasure hunting, and his love brought him to Lumbridge. He has found so many treasures that he never left his hobby. Now, he is in Lumbridge to find some more treasures. Unfortunately, he does not know anything about this area and needs some help.

The brave player of OSRS means “You” have to help him. Would you like to help him? I know your answer very well, and that is “of course yes.” so let’s help Veos to find the treasure.

X Marks The Spot OSRS Quick Guide

Required Items:

  • A spade
  • Free space in your inventory


  • Amulet of glory
  • Stamina Potion

Starting Point:

The Bar in Lumbridge is your starting point where Veos will talk to you about his treasures.

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Start the Quest:

You need to dig four points in the city to find the treasure for Veos. The following steps will help you where and how you can complete the task.

Step One:

Meet Veos in the Sheared Ram in Lumbridge. Talk to him, and he will tell you about his adventures and journeys. Ask him if he needs help; you are ready to help him in an unknown city.



The Sheared Ram:

The Sheared Ram

Step Two:

You have to dig the north side of Bob’s Brilliant Axes building. One tile on the west side of the plants in front of the wall.

Bob’s Brilliant Axes:

Bob’s Brilliant Axes

First Dig Point:

First Dig Point

Step Three:

Lumbridge castle is the second point of digging. Move towards the outside door of the kitchen to the south-west side. Dig near the large crate, leaving one tile.

Second Dig Point:

Second Dig Point

Step Four:

Teleport yourself to the Draynor village at the wheat farm near the jail. Dig towards the north side of the bush.

Draynor Village:

Draynor Village

Third Dig Point:

Third Dig Point

Step Five:

The last point is the pig point of the Master Gardener. Dig here and find the treasure of Lumbridge.

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Martin the Master Gardener:

Martin the Master Gardener

Fourth Dig Point:

Fourth Dig Point

  • Step Six:

Return to Veos with treasures in Port Sarim and talk to him in the Rusty Anchor Inn.

Port Sarim:

Port Sarim

Rusty Anchor Inn:

Rusty Anchor Inn


Your OSRS quest X Marks the Spot has been completed.


  • One quest point
  • 200 coins
  • One antique lamp
  • A beginner clue scroll

X Marks the Spot reward scroll

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Related Questions:

How do you complete X marks the spot?

By digging at four different points in Lumbridge, the quest X marks the spot has been completed. The four points are mentioned below:

  • Northside of Bob’s Brilliant Axes
  • Behind the Lumbridge castle outside the kitchen door
  • Near the wheat farm
  • Martin the Master Gardener’s pig pen

 Where can I find VEOS?

Veos is the master of treasure hunting, and you will meet him at two different points at the start and the end. At the beginning of the quest, he is sitting in the Sheared Ram in Lumbridge, a bar in the city. At the end of the quest, you will meet him in the Port Sarim bar, the Rusty Anchor Inn.

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